Friday, January 1, 2016

Here you can purchase my books about south Louisiana history and culture.

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"[A] thoroughly researched and well-documented book" ~ Publisher's Weekly

"Bernard makes good use of the musical connections that few others would have. . . . [It is] a desirable selection for ethnic music and regional collections" ~ Library Journal

Paperback edition
Audiobook edition
Kindle edition

"The strength of this study rests in the way Bernard follows the effects of postwar changes as they ripple through Cajun culture. . . . Bernard, as both scholar and participant, has written a thorough and interesting study of that transformation." ~ Journal of Southern History

"Bernard has done an excellent job in treating this neglected aspect of Cajun history. . . . This reviewer highly recommends this immensely readable and informative volume to anyone interested in learning more about one of America’s most fascinating peoples." ~ The Journal of American History

Hardcover edition
Audiobook edition
Kindle edition

Recipient of 2017 Book of the Year award presented by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

"Aided by the vividness of the history he describes, Bernard tells a gripping story, centered on the narrative of the people who live along the Teche." ~ Country Roads Magazine

"Bernard has invited his readers to know the Teche better, and in that he very much succeeds. . . . [A]n enjoyable and well-written book that introduces readers to a waterway whose history is 'much more significant than its size would at first suggest.' The maps and images are well chosen and well placed, and the text is well written, well researched, and peppered with interesting anecdotes. Readers with an interest in local history or Louisiana history will certainly welcome this book, but there is a place for it as well on the shelves of readers with a broader interest in southern history or riparian history." ~ Louisiana History

English Kindle edition

French Kindle edition

"[C]lear, accurate, and engaging. . . . [T]he book will be a welcome contribution to school libraries and will serve as an excellent reference for reports and early research papers within secondary curricula." ~ Journal of Folklore Research Reviews

"[A] brief but delightfully engaging account of who the Cajuns are and how they got that way, a narrative as informative as it is easy to navigate. . . . [It] fills an important gap on the Louisiana history bookshelf, and its value can be appreciated by the not-so-young as well." ~ New Orleans Times-Picayune

Hardcover edition

"Serious Tabasco fans are no doubt salivating over this hardcover story of Louisiana's McIlhenny family and their iconic hot stuff. Bernard.  .  . peppers the volume with rarely seen photos, documents and lush illustrations right out of the company archives. . . ." ~ Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"It's easy to say this is a hot holiday book. The coffee-table tome includes history, ads and trivia — a "Tabasco in Hollywood" section tells us the sauce appeared on film with Laurel & Hardy, Bugs Bunny, the Little Rascals and James Bond and even in 'Apocalypse Now.' Our fave picture is a 1954 poster in English and Hebrew boasting 'The Only Pepper Sauce Under Rabbinical Supervision.'" ~ New York Post

[A] lavish, entrancing book . . . tracing the fabled condiment's history, the family, marketing and more." ~ New Orleans Times-Picayune